1. You won’t start Christmas in October
  2. You won’t leverage social norms that create urgency
  3. You won’t think about Christmas in a four month block (it is an entire third of your year)
  4. You won’t work through Christmas
  5. You won’t launch campaigns that steadily build momentum
  6. You won’t spend enougn money
  7. You won’t create enougn content
  8. You won’t do enough preparation
  9. You won’t finish your preparation in September
  10. You won’t launch any new products
  11. You won’t harness the channels you have available to you
  12. You won’t serve the collective audience you have, fully
  13. You won’t work smart enough
  14. You won’t spend the time you have on the right things
  15. You won’t choose the right strategies for the right moments in time
  16. You won’t make anywhere near enough sales as you could and want to

Sheesh, I could keep going all day.

Shall I? Or will you just stop the pain right now and get the help you need?

I hope it’s the latter, because you can book in an appointment with me today to fix this.

There’s still time to make Christmas profitable and successful for your eCommerce business.

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