Part 7: How to market a new business

I knew nothing about marketing when I started Trefiel. But what I learnt in three years is what I'm sharing in today's post. Real-life marketing advice from someone who knew…

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Part 6: Hiring and firing is more difficult than you think

If you're at the point in you're business where you're hiring (and firing), this is going to be an interesting read for you.

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Part 5: How to build an efficient business

Standard operating procedures. Internal processes. The least glamorous parts of business. But if you want scale, you need to build an efficient business.

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Part 4: How to successfully launch products

In this post, I'll teach you the 3 actions you need to take to successfully launch products in your own business.

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Part 3: How to build a wholesale business

There are two ways to approach this channel - building a huge consumer-focused business that naturally attracts retailers or developing a wholesale outreach strategy that…

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