As you probably know, a few months ago I held an event called Assault.

It was a five-day, intensive live-in “retreat” that I designed for my top-performing clients – the ones who are on track to do over a million dollars in their first 12 months with me.

The goal? Create and execute a strategy to have a hugely profitable Christmas period.

If I’m honest with you, the reason I created the event is because I wanted to help my clients avoid all the mistakes I see eCommerce businesses make at Christmas. And now that I’m seeing the work my clients did play out, I can safely say we have done more than that.

Here’s what Nicci from House of Vimm had to say about the event –

And here is one of the first messages she sent me when she launched the second part of her Christmas strategy (one of many phases we planned at Assault) –

I taught her how to do this in her own business. Me, someone who’s never studied marketing or has any form of higher-level education (other than the hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve spent with my coaches).

I mean, I learnt from the best because my “marketing degree” was –

  1. Studying Frank Body and the awesome team behind the company; and
  2. Actually building an eCommerce business from 0 to 10,000 customers in 18 months.

But there’s no piece of paper when it comes to being good at business or marketing. It comes from blood, sweat, tears and trenches.

I have to tell you, it’s a real pinch-me moment seeing clients put to use what I had to fight for and struggle to earn in my first company, Trefiel. Because when I was looking at what I had done really, really well in Trefiel, it was 100% marketing campaigns.

Campaigns in the months of October to the end of January are incredibly powerful. 

That’s what I taught at 2019’s Assault.

And I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t all rose petals and rainbows. If you want to create serious sales and success in your business, it requires won’t most people aren’t willing to give it.

We worked from 9am to 9pm most nights. The days were long. They weren’t always fun. There were meltdowns. There was “I can’t do this” from everyone involved. There was frustration and anger with the processes and the inability to do what was asked.

Yes, it was hard. I made sure of that.

Hard is where the money is. And if you’ve been on a call with me, you know that I say “the money is always where it is – at the end of a shovel and a lot of hard work”. I say it because it’s true.

And funnily enough, I kept a log of what was happening at each phase of the event to track where my clients were. Here a few quick excerpts (get ready to laugh at my client’s disintegration into madness):

Day 1 –

10.40am – “When can we drink alcohol?”
1pm – Plotting for Moet
2pm – Bought Moet
3pm – Client realised she had to rewrite everything, first meltdown of event

Day 2 –

8am – “I wish this had cocaine in it.”
12.30pm – “This has been so valuable, I need to do this every four months”
2.30pm – Second meltdown about copywriting
4.02pm – “Can we start drinking?”

And it gradually continues until everyone’s brain was a puddle of sludge, but Christmas was complete.

But you’re probably wondering…

How did we actually use campaigns to achieve those results for House of Vimm?

Here’s the thing –

Most businesses will try to create false urgency (or urgency there is none) to incentivise sales. I’m one of them. You should be one of them. It works. It actually work really, really well in all businesses… particularly eCommerce.

But Christmas – or the months of October to end of January – is a time where there is actual urgency in the customer’s life that drives and compels them to make purchasing decisions.

It’s Christmas. Your customers want to buy presents, right?

I call this societal urgency, because it comes from deeply embedded traditions around culture that no business can control. Only the collective group of humans can.

This means that while you can’t control it, you can certainly leverage it.

So when you overlay campaigns that create false urgency with embedded societal urgency, you can create fucking amazing sales for your product business.

That’s how you use campaigns at Christmas to make $24,000 in sales on your first weekend of the period.

Now, the actual nitty gritty of how to do that is something I’ve written about before (you can check it out here and here).

But honestly, can I tell you a secret?

Those blog posts aren’t going to help you. 

You’ve literally spent the entirety of your business’ existence reading free content and trying to find the trick, the secret, the one thing that would change everything up until this point. I know, because I was you. And so were my clients.

I can tell you right now –

Free content is not going to fix your eCommerce problems.

In fact, if anything it sets you back because it doesn’t give you context for your particular situation.

So, what about doing something different to what you’ve ever done before?

What if you spoke to an actual person, who helps actual people, build actually successful businesses?

I always say this, but I’ll say it again –

Most of the people who read my content are not successful. And if they were, they wouldn’t be reading my content.

Would you like to be successful?

Because you could be. You could be the person that’s messaging me saying “I’ve made $24k in 48 hours”. But it requires actually talking to me.

And that means booking in an appointment, making time to actually talk about what’s going on in the business and get some help.

I’d love to be that person for you.

Book in a deep dive strategy session with me.