Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I am inundated with ads for eCommerce coaches.

Most of my ads cover how easy it is to build a successful eCommerce business.

Some of them claim to not even have a website but are miraculously turning over tens of thousands of dollars a day.

That is obviously a lie and I know anyone reading this isn’t gullible enough to fall for that.

But it is appealing.

The idea of being able to generate money without really having to do any work is an age-old motivator.

Hell, even I was tempted to click on the ads.

  • Just to see.
  • Just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.
  • Just to check that I knew what I was talking about.

Because my truth about building a successful eCommerce business couldn’t be further from what they’re saying. My truth is that it’s a lot of hard work and without the right product, the right positioning, the right processes, you may still not be successful.

That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do as an eCommerce coach.

  1. I’ve seen how much impact eCommerce can have on the world.
  2. I’ve seen how an eCommerce business can change your life as a business owner.
  3. I’ve seen how a single product can make thousands of people feel like one of their core insecurities can be helped.

That’s powerful.

But in order to achieve those three things, you’ll need to do something that most people aren’t willing to do.

You’ll need to work. You’ll need to fight. You’ll need to stand out.

And if you can’t do that… well, your business will die.

So how do you build a successful eCommerce business?

Here is everything I would do if your business were my business:

  1. I would have a kick-ass brand strategy that mirrored what my customers wanted.
  2. I would launch with a 3-page website that was designed for conversion.
  3. I would roll out a four-prong approach – paid advertising, organic marketing, wholesale and partnerships. It is absolutely critical that you don’t only focus on Facebook Ads or Influencer Marketing.
  4. I would test as many different channels as possible. Once I see traction in any one of them, I would focus on one from each branch that is performing, until they are performing so well that I can step it.

My advice is very different from eCommerce coaches out there.

Most eCommerce coaches will tell you to do paid advertising only and some organic marketing.

I think if you really give a damn about building a successful eCommerce business, you’ll tactically approach each channel with precision.


Because not doing so leaves you in a very vulnerable position.

  • I have friends who have built multi-million dollar businesses using only Facebook Ads who are now scrambling to save their business because the cost of acquisition is too high.
  • I myself made this same mistake with my first company. I focused on scaling only influencer marketing and when our three main influencers fell over, we had no other channels operating at the capacity we needed them to.

Build a single channel business if you’re interested in making money and getting out when the sizzle wears off your business.

But, if you want to build a successful eCommerce business…

Don’t make our mistakes.

Build a multi-channel strategy and stand the test of time.

It won’t be easy. It will be work. But if you have the right product, the right positioning and the right processes, you will be successful.

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