When I first called Nicci, she was getting really close to the end of her tether. She was working a full-time job, had a young child, a husband and a business that she was trying to make succeed.

I could tell that Nicci had the willpower and was exactly the type of person who could be a successful product business owner, but the way she worked as the Founder of her company was a mix between chaos and half-done.

Doing all the things, but doing none of them well.

You know that feeling, right?

When someone doesn’t make the decision to bet on themselves on my first call with them, I usually don’t call them back. I respect my time more than that. But for whatever reason, I decided to call Nicci back to see how she was doing. I’m glad I did.

She was ready to quit. She was in a really dark place. She didn’t want to do it anymore.

Having been through quite a significant year of trauma and emotional turmoil myself, I was able to give Nicci some insight into how to use trauma for triumph. How anger and anxiety can be harness for success. How the troughs of life are the places we build to the biggest peaks.

And today, Nicci just had her first $1,000 day in her skin care business, House of Vimm.

How did she take her new eCommerce business from 0 to $1,000 per day?

Well, Nicci joined The LaunchPad, Business 2iC’s 8-Week course designed to flip your business on its head and get it making money in 2 months or less.

Our process in this program is very, very specific:

  1. You define the goals of the company and for yourself so we know what’s going to be the best way to tackle them.
  2. You craft in-depth customer personas that tell you everything you need to know about your customer, from what car they drive to what they think of your industry.
  3. Then, you learn how to sell your product to those customers (remembering that just about anything can sold to anyone, but it’s a matter of understanding why that person would buy it and how to communicate it’s value to them).
  4. We teach you how to overhaul your entire website so that it resonates with your customer and sells your product in every possible way available to you.
  5. Then, we teach you to launch a paid advertising strategy, start making money and scaling your business.

It’s a lot of execution work and Nicci has been in the trenches of her business, hustling and learning how to sell her product to her people. But the real value is the personal transformation that you go through.

If you’ve been an employee for most of your life, you won’t know how to think like a business owner.

  • You’ve never had to take risks and make calculated decisions.
  • You’ve never had to turn on the tap of revenue and control how much money comes in, depending on how much you want.
  • You’ve never woken up unemployed and had to hustle.
  • You’ve never been 100% control of your destination and ultimately, your destiny.

So the personal development you’ll go through is just as intense as the business development you have to learn. Because making $1,000 a day in your brand new eCommerce business is great… but realising that there’s literally nothing stopping you from turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 12 months will stop you in your tracks.

What happens when you build a successful eCommerce business


Doesn’t that seem like a nice problem to have? That you might be so successful that you self-destruct?

I’d take that problem any day, but only if I had a coach to help me through it (which I do – if you’re a B2B business, check out Strategic Anarchy).

So, with that said, what were the steps that Nicci had to go through to get her business to this point?

  1. She made a scary decision to back herself and get the training she needed.
  2. She committed 100% to the process, trusting in Business 2iC and me to deliver her the tools and training she needed.
  3. She committed to the work and the plan and did nothing but it for four weeks, flipping her business on its head.
  4. And she talked to me throughout the entire process so I could keep her on the right track.

And here’s what she had to say about the whole process –

“Lucy truly puts everything into my business as though it is her own, nothing is too much. What Lucy has taught me in such a short time is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Both about myself and in business. It is truly priceless.” – Nicci Bilinsky, Founder of House of Vimm

That’s how you produce results. And I would love to chat to you about how we can help you do that too!

Book in a deep dive strategy session with me.