You want those kinds of results in your business?

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The problems that retail businesses face coming online is more than just throwing up a website. You probably already have one of those now and it’s still not working for you. That’s not your problem.

Retail businesses face a couple of major problems coming online:

  • How to set up their website so it converts like their store does
  • How to communicate their value to their customers like they do in store

The thing is, if you’re a retail business that’s worth your salt, you have a sales process within your store(s). How you sell product doesn’t change just because you’re coming online.

But the reason that retail businesses like yourself struggle with these problems is because you are so used to selling product person-to-person, face-to-face, when you’re faced with a screen that gives you no human feedback, you can’t sell.

Think about –

When someone walks into your store, what’s the first thing you do before you say ANYTHING to them?

You check them out, right? You make an assessment about who they are based on:

  • a) how they present themselves,
  • b) what energy they bring into the store and
  • c) who they’re with.

Then, as a retailer who makes sales in-person (or how you coach your staff to do it), you morph yourself into who they need you to be. If they’re grumpy and agitated, you might give them some space. If they’re warm and open, you’ll come in a little closer and really start a conversation.

But the most important thing to note here is that you do that on the fly, as it’s happening, based on the person in front of you.



When do you get that opportunity online?

You don’t. And this is where you’re stuck.

If three people came to your online store right now, and each of them was a different kind of customer and in a different kind of mood, do you get the opportunity to tailor your website to them based on what you’re seeing?

You don’t. And this is where you’re stuck.

You’re taking a skillset that you’ve spent however many years building – my clients typically have MINIMUM 10 years of reading people and selling in-person – and trying to apply it to a method of sales where that just does not work.

You don’t get to read people online. You don’t get to make an assessment of them and then magically morph your website to suit who they are as people. You don’t get to tailor your sales approach based on their mood.

You can’t see them. They’re behind a screen.

This is where so many retailers get stuck. And this is why you’re stuck.

Because right now, you’re probably talking to your customers as if they are all the people and in all the moods. You’re trying to accommodate everyone. You’re trying to make sure that you don’t leave out anyone that could ever possibly come to your business.

And that’s what’s killing your sales online.

Don’t worry – pretty much every single client I’ve had that’s been the same type of business as you has made the same mistake. Even Johanna has.

But all the money and the sales that you’re looking for are in fixing that problem, so I want to show a little bit more on how I helped Johanna fix that problem within her own business.

When you look at your online sales system, where is the Store Version of You?

I call this Store Johanna, but you can swap Johanna for your own name.

The answer is, the Store Version of You probably isn’t anywhere in your online sales environment, right? Honestly – that’s the second biggest mistake you’re making right now.

People like buying from you. People like connecting with you. So if you personally – or your on-floor sales team with your training and sales process – is missing from your online sales system, is it really a surprise that your online sales aren’t working?

Hardly, right?

That’s what you need to fix.

Johanna went through something similar – and to tell you the truth, still is, because the process of taking your retail business online successfully is much like evolving your retail business sales process.

Online is a lot harder than people make it out to be.

You’ve got to be 1000% committed to risk mitigating your retail business, so that no matter what happens with COVID or any other disaster in the world, you’re covered and solid online.

That takes WORK. A lot of it.

And if you just thought duplicating your online business was a matter of launching your website and your customers flocking to it, instead of your retail business… well, is it any wonder your sales are where they are?

Not really, right?

So essentially, the decision that Johanna made and that you ultimately have to make, is whether you are committed to duplicating your business online. Because it is going to be just as hard – if not harder – than launching your retail business.

You’re going to have to learn an entirely new skillset. You’re going to have to be diligent in applying that skillset. Plus…

You’re going to have systemise yourself out of your retail business, so you can focus on your online business.

That is an absolutely critical step and it’s the one that stops every single retail business owner building a highly successful online channel.

The reality is – you have no chance of achieving what Johanna has in her retail business if you’re not able to get yourself out of your current business so you can focus on your online channel – ensuring your business is derisked for whatever future pandemic or world-wide disaster comes.

And THAT’s ultimately what is stopping you from doing it successfully right now.

Don’t get me wrong –

The way you’re approaching online is completely wrong – and I’m going to show you how to fix that shortly – but more importantly, you have no chance of fixing it unless you get out of your retail business operations.

It’s the only way.

It’s the only way Johanna’s been able to grow her online sales in the way she has.

2020 was a blessing because it gave Johanna a taste of what it was like to be completely out of her retail business. When she had full focus on her online sales, they grew really quickly – completely duplicating her retail business, online.

As soon as Melbourne re-opened and she was back in the store? Online sales dropped significantly.

You cannot be head salesperson and head retail manager, AND build your online channel.

You have to leverage yourself out of that so you can focus on where all the money, profit and flexibility is – online.

Those three steps:

  1. Getting out of the retail business
  2. Duplicating your retail sales process online
  3. Adding the Store Version of Yourself to your online channel

Are the three steps that are missing from what you’re doing right now.

And I want to show you the exact strategy that I helped Johanna to implement to achieve the incredible results she has.