We’re all natural storytellers – we create narratives all the time.

  • “She doesn’t like me because x”
  • “He thinks he’s better than everyone because y”
  • “My product isn’t because I’m in a saturated market”

And look, honestly –

Each of those statements is true AND each of those statements is a lie.

As humans, we find it really easy to think about literally everything in binary terms. In computer programming, everything is 1’s and 0’s – it’s either a 1 or it’s a 0. And just like computers, most of us have incredibly black and white thinking.

“That’s the right thing to do” or “that’s not the right thing to do”. It can’t be both, at the same time.

This is the way most people think about life, business and sales in general. But it becomes really problematic when we look at product businesses that aren’t working and we start making up stories about why our company isn’t working.

  • “It’s a saturated market”
  • “No one wants my product”
  • “I’m too early”
  • “I’m too late”

The hard thing about this way of thinking and running businesses is once those stories are defined, in your mind, they’re the truth, right? And when something is the truth, it becomes really difficult to change… because it’s the truth, correct?

This is what is fucking most women in eCommerce businesses right now. 

Because once you’ve decided that the market is too saturated for you, you stop looking for solutions. You stop thinking about selling the product and you start thinking about finding a new product, one that’s not as saturated.

Part of the reason I wanted to write this post today was because I want you to understand that this is really normal. It’s not just you that makes up these stories about your under-performing product business. Most women do.

But I also wanted to write this post so you could see it from a different perspective. A perspective that actually allows you to change the strategy in your company and actually start moving forward in the company, instead of being stuck where you are.

Would you like to know how I think after selling $45,000 worth of product in 3 months?

If it’s a no, all the best on your journey.

If it’s a yes, keep reading.

The way I think about the world is this –

Most things that occur in the world are ‘AND’ statements, not ‘OR’ statements.

  • “It’s a saturated market AND it’s not a saturated market.”
  • Not “it’s a saturated market OR it’s not a saturated market.”

And you might be wondering – “what the hell has this got to do with selling $45,000 worth of product?”

Literally, everything.

In June 2019, I met an incredible founder and business woman called Emma Greyson. She’d made her millions coaching hairdressers to build highly successful, highly profitable hair salons. And like all women in business, there’d been some really challenging times where she thought –

“There’s got to be something easier out there than THIS business”

And what do we all do when we think that?

We start a product business.

Because that’ll be soooo much easier (everyone who has a product business reading this is thinking “nope, that’s not true at all”). You just have a great product, launch a website and BOOM – make millions.

Right? Right?!

Just like you, Emma found out that that wasn’t the case at all. And her escape business from her consultancy was really just 600 units of hair irons. That weren’t selling. Sounds familiar, right?

Those hair irons sat around collecting dust for years until I crossed paths with Emma and said “hey, do you want to get rid of those?” To which she promptly said yes.

This is where things get really interesting.

Hair care is like skin care.

Every day, another person starts a business with a product that will “change the industry” and “does something different from everything else out there”. Or they just found a product on Alibaba that wasn’t being sold by anyone else yet.

And me, in my own naivety about my execution skills and a new industry that I didn’t understand as well as I thought I did, thought this would be a hole in one. 

That wasn’t the case at all.

For the first two months, I was grinding and re-doing websites and re-writing ads and re-launching ads and pulling my hair out. The product wasn’t selling. Everything I had done in Trefiel and helped other clients do, wasn’t working.

I felt like a total fraud because if I couldn’t get this to work, then what the hell did I know about eCommerce and selling products?

At the end of my tether, I decided to sit down and go everything that I had on the company so far and look at it with fresh eyes. And what I realised was this –

I was selling hair care like everyone else is selling hair care because I thought that’s what I had to do to be like everyone else.

I was talking about salon quality because Remington talked about salon quality. I was talking about the specifications of the hair iron design because GHD talked about their design specifications.

It’s only a saturated market if you do what everyone else is doing.

When I realised what I had done, I went back to basics – the way I recommend selling product through all of my programs is through storytelling. And I started telling the story of Emma, what an incredible woman she is and how much thought and love she put into this product for women like our customers.

Guess what?

The product started selling.

  • At first, it was a trickle. The first week of sales was a couple of sales.
  • Then it was a downpour. A few thousand dollars was made in a week.
  • Then it was torrential rain. Last month’s revenue was doubled in two weeks.
  • Then the product was sold out. In 3 months.

And it was game over.

Looking back on the whole experience, I realised a huge lesson that hadn’t known that I thought the whole time –

Just because an industry or space is saturated, doesn’t mean you can’t be at the top, in your own way.

In fact, if you want to be successful – if you want to have a product business that actually makes money and leaves you with profit for the life you want to live – you HAVE to do things differently.

And I don’t mean branding. Fuck branding (that’s a whole other post).

This is where the black and white thinking comes in, right?

Because you can play in a hugely saturated market, AND do it in a way that means it’s not saturated at all. And the way you do that is…

You have to sell differently to everyone else.

You have to build value differently to everyone else. You have to go places no other companies in your space are going.

And the way you do that is doing something really different on the front-end of your sale.

I always say to my high-level clients –

“How many <insert industry> companies talk about the things that you do? None of them. That’s why they’re all watching you.”

And it’s true.

  • I have had skin care clients that talk about stalker neighbours and sell thousands of dollars of product.
  • I have had wedding favour clients that talk about her product being like foreplay for weddings and making $1,000 in her first week of Facebook Ads.
  • I have had breast feeding clothes clients talk about judgement and shame she personally experienced when breast feeding in public who have grown by 150% in 30 days.
  • I have had blue light glasses clients talk about how ridiculous it is that we’ll be considered more intelligent when we wear glasses (while simultaneously selling lots of glasses).

It’s all about how you build value for your customers.

And you’re probably wondering now –

“Okay, so how do I figure out my narrative for my product?”

That’s a great questions and it’s one I’d love to help you with.

Let’s have a conversation about what narrative you SHOULD be using to sell tens of thousands of dollars of product in the next couple of months.