Acquiring 10,000 customers represents something much deeper than revenue.

A block of 10,000 customers, whether your first or your third, really represents mastery and commitment to refining your skillset as a CEO.

For me, the mastery journey began with a company called Trefiel.

It was a simple sheet mask business that went from 0 to 10,000 customers in 18 months with a 40% return customer rate (that’s double the eCommerce industry average). Now you might be thinking that I must be some kind of eCommerce genius or I grew up in a family of business people. I’m afraid not. Through sheer hard work, courage and commitment to being the best at my craft of CEOship, I successfully grew my first eCommerce business to a team of eight employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue.

I didn’t grow up in a family of entrepreneurs.

I didn’t study business.

I didn’t know anything about eCommerce when I started.

Was it easy? Hell no. But it is possible and I genuinely believe if you have the stomach to fail more times than you can count, you’ll ultimately be successful.

That’s why I started 10k Customers… originally.

Originally, I wanted to take everything I learnt from the trenches of a fast-growing eCommerce business so you could avoid most of the mistakes I made in your own business. Particularly the common mistakes that people make starting these businesses. But my process started to work so well that it broke people’s businesses. And suddenly, I had to become really good at teaching people about building leverage and profit into product businesses. And that’s what I’m well known for now.

People come to me for two reasons.

1. They want to fix their volume problem, increase the amount of sales they’re making and decrease the amount of time they spend hitting their head against a brick wall.

2. Or they want to fix their leverage problem because they’re making too much money and if they don’t do something they’re going to burn themselves and the business to the ground.

Either way, the things that I ask clients who work with me to do are really hard. It’ll challenge everything you know about selling products and building businesses. But if you do what I say, in 12 months time your business is going to be making more money, keeping more money and will be easier to run.

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