Almost everyone is going to give you eCommerce advice that sucks.

  • You need to build a brand before you start selling.
  • You need to have perfect photography before you can launch.
  • You need a visual identity before you can start.

This one is probably one of the worst –

You need to be on Instagram to grow your eCommerce business.

I don’t want to call people giving eCommerce advice liars, but some of the stuff I hear and read is totally off the mark.

Whoever is saying that to you, likely doesn’t have the know-how to actually scale an eCommerce business. Because it’s not organic marketing on Instagram that you’ll get the most reach and most volume sold.

We’ll get into what is actually going to do that shortly.

But first, let me re-align you with the reality of building a successful eCommerce business –

One of my closest business friends has built a multi-million dollar eCommerce business and they have posted all of 70 times on Instagram.

Instagram is good. Instagram is, in fact, great. It’s a really fun channel to be on.

But it’s only necessary for your business if that’s where your audience consumes content. If they’re not there, why do you need to be?

And on that point, even if they are there –

Are you going to get the cut-through and the results that you’re looking for if all you do is post organic content?

The answer is no.

Virality on organic social can be difficult to achieve now, especially when you’re a business. Which means while it’s worthwhile to post consistently over a long period of time, your time shouldn’t be spent on Instagram for all hours of the day, hoping to achieve the growth you’re looking for.

What will achieve those results?

Direct sales. Paid advertising. On the correct channels.

Please don’t listen to the people who tell you Instagram is how you build a successful physical products business. It’s not true and it’s only one tiny slither of what you’ll need to excel at if you really want a successful business.