One week ago, I put out a post that I have been dreading writing.

Well, let me reverse back to where the story really started. My coaches have been encouraging me to do a public post about my deepest, darkest fear for a while now. They encourage each of their clients to do it.

I think it’s almost a test for them…

  • Part of the driver is to get better at writing, sure.
  • Part of the driver is to reveal who you truly are, to them and to the world
  • Part of the driver is to see who really has the gall to press publish.

Now, I’ve been holding off writing this god damn post for a while. To be totally honest with, the idea of revealing that which I didn’t want ANYONE to know about me, let alone people who I respected more than anyone else in the world.

But I wrote it, and I published it last week.

I am a liar and a fraud.You can read the full post here.

And as proud of I am of this post and how much guts it took to publish it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response.

So. Many. People. have reached out to me and said they struggle with this too.

People who have never grown up in abusive homes (I have). People who have never been sexually abused (I have). People who don’t have parents who lie constantly (I do).

And I realised something…

The thing that I thought was the WORST part of me, the part NO ONE could ever love or forgive or accept, is something a lot of us share.

I felt humbled beyond belief… and then this happened:

A message from Flying Solo Editor re my Liar and a Fraud story

Flying Solo reached out and wanted to republish my work. And they did – you can read it here (check out those comments!).

The response from this was even MORE amazing.

  • I had people booking sessions into my calendar to say thank you for writing the piece.
  • I’ve had emails to say they did it too and my post made them feel so much better.
  • I’ve had messages from complete strangers saying they recommended me to their friend’s product businesses because of this post.

Holy crap.

I’ve always been a big believer in vulnerability and transparency. It was a part of how I ran Trefiel and it’s always been a part of how I personally communicate with everyone, clients and non-clients included.

This whole experience with the post has reconfirmed to me just how important transparency, honesty and openness can help businesses grow.

And now, I’m going to set you a challenge for this week and your business. I want you to write a post that reveals yourself and your company. Not necessarily in a bad way, not necessarily in a good way, but in a way that shows you and your businesses truthfully.

It will pay off for your business in a huge way and this is how you create communication for a company that sticks.

So here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. Where has your business fallen short?
  2. Where have you fallen short as a Founder?
  3. Where have you made a huge mistake?
  4. Where have you learnt and become better?
  5. How have you developed as a person that your very specific customer could learn from or could see herself in?

I know this stuff is scary. I know what you’re going to say –

“They don’t really need to know this stuff.”

And you’re right, they don’t. But you want sales, right? You want money in the bank account, yeah? Well… you do that online by creating a connection and the way you create a connection is by telling your story.

True stories, then you use those stories in your marketing and sales.

And if you’re super brave and you publish something honest, I’d love to see an comment from you below with the link so I can read it and support you too.