“How do you know when it’s time to quit?”

I was on the phone with a woman who had clicked on one of my Facebook Ads and we were almost two hours into the call. I could tell she really, really wanted to buy and wanted it to work, but she was stuck.

“You don’t”, I told her. I’ll tell you what I told her as well.

Quitting a product business or an eCommerce business has no magical milestone post. You don’t reach it and suddenly know you should quit. I know for me with my first company Trefiel, it was a slow sliding towards the inevitable.

But ultimately, it’s a choice you have to make.

  • Will you perservere, inspite of all the signs that tell you “no”, because you believe in your product and your business?
  • Or will you quit?

I chose to quit. I’m not ashamed in saying that for a myriad of reasons. It was the right decision for me, at that time, in that business. I’m grateful I did because it lead me to 10,000 Customers and the amazing clients I have now.

But I didn’t feel like that for a good 12 months. I mourned the loss of my business for close to a year. It was heart-breaking.

And that’s the thing that no one tells you about making the decision to quit, right?

  1. They don’t tell you that you’ll question yourself just as much on the other side of that decision, as you did before making it.
  2. They don’t tell you that the confusion you’re experiencing about whether your business will be successful or not will still be there once you’ve decided to quit.
  3. They don’t tell you that the hunger to be successful and try again (with the same business) comes back in a couple of days.

Funnily enough, this is a super common theme in a lot of my clients who have been really successful. For most of them, I heard it on the initial phone call when I interviewed them.

It’s actually become one of my favourite parts of my job – hearing the stories that clients didn’t tell me on the phone.

But one of the stories I didn’t find out about until about a week ago, when this particular client sent me a video testimonial for my website. Lili had been thinking about closing her company, Mooyee.

When I was watching her testimonial, it reminded me how isolating and challenging growing a product business can be. Especially when you’re on your own, without an eCommerce coach.

It’s like this in every business really.

As someone who will spend literally a hundred thousand dollars on coaching in 2019, I know that for me I cannot function at the level I do without my coaches. And I know that prior to working with them for this business, I was struggling.

My clients felt the exact same way before meeting me as well.

But it’s not where you have to stay, right? Things can be different.

  • You don’t have a dud product.
  • You’re not completely incapable.
  • You just don’t know what you’re doing. Yet.

Lili felt that too. So have I at certain points in my business journey. And that’s okay. But my question to you now is –

Do you want to stay where you are?

Because you can fix your business. You can change the way you feel about it. You can stop wanting to quit. But it takes doing the hard thing – booking in an appointment below.

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