Let me start by saying this – no one gives a fuck about your product.

No one. Nada. Zilch.

Your most avid fans and customers may say that’s the reason why they love your business. And don’t get me wrong, they’re telling the truth to an extent. But it’s not the entire truth, is it?

If you sell skin care, they’ll say they love the results they see with your product.

They’re not lying. Your product does help with that.

But they’re also not telling the entire truth.

The real reason they love it – the deepest and truest reason they buy from you – is because you help them be more of who they want to be. You help them, transform themselves.

And when you wrap your head around that, you’ll realise two things:

  1. You’re selling a service, even with a physical product.
  2. No one really gives a fuck about your product.

Think about it, right? If you’re helping your people be more of who they want to be through the use of your product, then the technical specs of that product are mostly irrelevant.

Now, I’ll never tell you not to shre your surface-level basic product information as part of your sales process. It would be stupid to not include that as part of the way you convert your customers.

But what it does mean is this –

It’s incredibly important for you to paint a picture of the transformation they’ll go through in the front-end of the sale.

What’s the best way to do that?

Tell your Founder Story in a way that helps them see themselves and their own journey.

Your Founder Story is the ultimate hero’s tale because you’ve tried everything to get to where you are now, right? You made all the mistakes, you did all the things but you struggled and suffered to get your desired outcome (which is the same outcome your customers desire for themselves).

But… you eventually got there, didn’t you?

And you have something your customers want to have too, right?

Or maybe instead of having something your customers, you have an aspect of life your customers desire to have too, yeah?

Can you see the power that your Founder Story has?

Can you see how every struggle, every failure, every mistake is actually your real value to your customer?

And can you see the immense value your story and your product have in helping your customers be more of who they want to be?

Good. Listen up.

  • My Founder Story has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars this year.
  • My client’s stories have made them hundreds of thousands of dollars this year.

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