I know I’ve talked extensively about how making too much money is a real thing in ALL companies, but particularly those that have a supply chain and deliver physical products to their customers.

And yet, it’s still the topic of this post because I don’t think the message has even been opened, let alone explored thoroughly.

Over the last 2+ years, I’ve been working with men and women who sell physical products and want to build successful companies. It’s been really amazing watching everyone’s journey through the process I use to grow these kinds of companies.

Firstly, to see the impact of your work (obviously). But secondly, to see the new and deeper level of understanding after seeing client after client after client after client go through the exact same thing.

  1. Not making enough money
  2. Practice the sales skill
  3. Get really good at sales
  4. Start making a huge amount of sales in a small amount of time
  5. Can’t keep up with sales and have to focus on delivery
  6. Stop making sales to deliver orders
  7. Sales drop
  8. CEO freaks out
  9. Hustle to rebuild the sales

And so the cycle continues.

I talk about this extensively within my programs, particularly with higher-level clients who are struggling with the constant yo-yoing of revenue.

And it’s as if I can almost hear you saying in your head “yeah yeah, The Leverage Problem”. And it is the Leverage Problem. But the only reason you have the Leverage Problem is because you have a Volume Problem.

Whoa. What a minute.

Yes, you’ve still got a Volume Problem. The problem with the Volume Problem is that it’s a two-sided coin.

  • The Volume Problem can be that you’re not getting enough sales.
  • But The Volume Problem can also be that you’re getting too many sales.

And you cannot have The Leverage Problem without simultaneously having The Volume Problem.

I talk about this extensively in a recent podcast interview with Martyn from Smarter Destiny.

You can listen to the episode below: