The 2021 market purge that I’ve spoken about previously (read this post) is happening all around us and boy, is it interesting to watch.

  • Opportunists, people who have no intrinsic value to give, are losing their busineses after the novelty wore off.
  • People who just can’t get “it” – sales and marketing being it – are quitting
  • And even businesses that are run by really slick entrepreneurs like my clients, are going through massive challenges, particularly around cashflow.

The good thing is, on the other side of this purge is a lot of money. We saw that last year with COVID and the rise (and fall) of product businesses that either turned a pandemic into a business building, money making opportunity, or didn’t.

And 2021s purge represents the same opportunity, even if it has a slightly different take (and is being caused by an entirely different economic issue).

The good thing is, all market purges can be ridden out by making money.

  • You might have to work harder than you’ve ever had before, focusing 100% of the time on sales and bringing cash through the door.
  • You might have to drop all the nice to haves just to make sure that there’s enough cash coming through the door to keep your business afloat.

But it’s possible.

And I write all of this having just helped a number of very successful, $600k+ clients go through severe cash deficits.

No matter how successful your company, no matter what year of business you’re in or how much profitability you have, you can never really stop doing sales.

There’s no point when that work becomes unimportant.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. We look for easy ways to get out of doing the work which feels most boring (especially if you’re any good at it). We attempt to get rid of sales, and the way that usually works is by handing it over to an agency.

But here’s what happens when you stop watching and managing your sales proactively –

They disappear.

And here’s what happens when you don’t know how to manage an ads agency (even a “good one”) –

You don’t make money.

And that’s because you can never *really* outsource your sales.

  1. Can you put people in place to execute your sales strategy? Yes.
  2. Can you put people in place to do the grunt work of running the sales side of your business? Yes.
  3. Can you put automations in place that make it possible for you to do less work on sales? Yes.

But you’ll never stop selling, and if you try, you’ll get burnt.

I’ve just seen this happen with a couple of my higher-level clients. One of them stopped selling for seven months. The other abdicated her sales to a Facebook ads agency.

  • The one who stopped selling, surprise surprise, stopped making money and ran into a huge cash deficit. A crying “holy shit this might be the end of me and my business, I don’t know where I’m going to get this money from” cash deficit.
  • The other wanted sales taken off her hands and away from her, so she allowed an ads agency to run her account, simultaneously not noticing that they weren’t doing much running at all. In fact, they weren’t even checking the account – the ads were just on. And some of them weren’t because they’d stopped mid-month.

But nobody inside the company noticed, because “outsourced sales to someone more capable than me”, right?

Even in my business, where I’m now at the point where I can:

  1. Hire and put into place an appointment setter
  2. Hire and manage a sales team

I will still always be on the phone, talking to business owners and selling, for the rest of my business career.

Why is that?

Because you can never *really* outsource sales.

No one does better at selling my company and my programs than me. The same as nobody can sell you product like you can.

That’s the first and obvious answer to the question.

But the second and least obvious answer is this –

“How do I manage a team for a job that I’m not doing myself?”

The sales muscle is like any muscle. You have to train it, put it under weight, fatigue it, rest and repeat in order to grow it. You can’t just not do sales and expect to a) be any good at it and b) expect to be a good leader and manager of the team you put in place.

And it’s the same for your business.

If you swap sales team for ads agency, it’s the exact same situation.

  • If you can’t manage your ads agency, how are you going to get good results from them? You won’t.
  • If you don’t understand your sales process, how are you going to get your agency selling properly? You won’t.
  • If you don’t do sales and you think someone else will do it better than you, how are you going to grow your business systemtically and with control? You won’t.

It’s that simple.

So, stop looking for an answer that doesn’t involve you having to be on the frontline of your business in the sales trench.

There is no answer that doesn’t involve picking up a shovel and digging – whether you’re at $100k or $100 million a year in revenue.