Over the past six months, I’ve put over $20,000 Facebook ad spend on what I coin my “founder story”.

Lucy Bloomfield, the director of 10,000 Customers, teaches her clients to leverage their Founder Story to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue

That’s a lot of money on one piece of ad copy. It’s a lot of time to be running a single ad too.

Usually, you’ll find your ads burnout within 1-3 months. And ususally, the more money you spend, they faster they fizzle out.

This has been my experience up until this year when I first started writing and leveraging my own Founder Story as part of 10,000 Customers paid advertising strategy. And what I discovered from my own experimentations has been what I’ve been teaching my clients, to huge benefit to their business too.

In the last six months, my own Founder Story has generated more than $200,000 of revenue for my business.

Collectively, mine and my client’s stories have generated more than half a million dollars in 2019.

These are not huge, multi-national product businesses.

  • There’s the woman who juggles a senior position in a law firm, a young child and a husband… plus her business.
  • There’s the woman who almost accepted a promotion at a job she hates, because she didn’t know how to break through to the next level on sales.
  • There’s the woman who’s first language isn’t English.

These are women who recognised that telling their story openly didn’t make them THE face of the business, it made them A face of the business. And they’re leveraging their stories to make serious cash in their business.

This distinction is powerful beyond measure if you choose to take it.

So, how do I tell my Founder Story? And how do I teach my clients to do it?

Great question. I’m going to answer that in an upcoming exclusive event I’m holding master cinemaphotographer and story-teller, Andrea Asnicar.

What Is Not Telling YOur Founder Story Costing Your Business?

Your business NEEDS your story and you not telling it, is costing your business money. Lots of it.

And I know, I know. I hear what you’re thinking –

  1. I don’t want to manipulate people by using my story to sell product.
  2. I don’t want to draw attention to myself, it’s not about me.
  3. I don’t want to be the face of my business

Would you be open to looking at those three beliefs from a different perspective if you knew that your Founder Story could make your business incredibly successful?

I know I would. And my best clients do too.

This event, the incredible storyteller Andrea Asnicar will be teaching you how to tell your Founder Story in a way that sells product.

You’ll walk away from this exclusive 1-Day Event with a basic Founder Story video shot and strategies about how you can implement it online, to start impacting your business that very same day.

Want to walk in the footsteps of women who will hit $1 million dollars in sales by the end of 2019?

It starts with your story.

Book in a free strategy session to see how you can leverage your story to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for Christmas.

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