I have, by most people’s standards, done the impossible.

  • My consultancy is successful.
  • I make a lot of money.
  • I have very low expenses.
  • I keep a lot of my profits.

I have made it.

But… I still don’t feel like that. I still don’t feel like I’ve made it.

That’s because the concept of “making it” is completely flawed. We are all, as entrepreneurs, trying to achieve something. And that, in and of itself, is fine.

The real problem lies in our beliefs around what our goal will give us. I mean, let’s look at the language. “Made it” implies that there’s a point in our lives, and particularly our business, where you’ll have no more work to do.

  1. You’ve done enough.
  2. And you can stop once you reach that point.

It’s a lie.

There will be no end point. There will be no moment where an orchestra starts playing and the clouds open, signifying reaching your ultimate end destination. There will be no end, ever.

If you are truly an entrepreneur, you are driven to create and grow. And if you are truly an entrepreneur, this will experience will never go away.

I’ve had this realisation multiple times over the last 8 months with 10,000 Customers. The fast rate of growth, the money, the successes of my clients – all the things which I dreamed of having and achieving have not changed the way I feel as a person.

I still wake up every morning, feeling the same way I’ve always felt, I’m just a lot wealthier now.

So too for you.

The best advice I can give you is something my coach, Leela Cosgrove from Strategic Anarchy, has told me multiple times on this journey.

You are looking for a way to not work, that’s your problem. You will always work. There is no end ever.

This is something I’ve been working on heavily since June. And it’s something you need to work if you’re serious about taking your product business to 10,000 customers.

There is no end.

  • You will never stop dealing with changes to Facebook’s algorithm.
  • You will never not need to keep selling product.
  • You will never not need to keep growing.
  • The challenges you experience in your business not go away.

You’ll get better and they’ll morph. Or, as Leela says –

Same devil, new level.

Can you accept that? And do you even want to?

Because that’s the price of success in eCommerce.